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May 16, 2018 -


With our blog posts, we hope that we have given you a sense of familiarity with the subjects of eye problems and safety measures to be followed for your eyes to function at their best. We would now like to introduce you to some new developments in the field of ophthalmology. Often we have heard about the potential of stem cells in the progress of health care system. This stem cell research is not a totally new concept, it’s just that it caught worldwide attention after the 2000’s.


A stem cell is basically a cell with no particular function; which means it can grow and change into any cell. It can be cultured to become a cell of any organ. So why the delay? Why can’t we just grow them into any organ we want and make transplants easier? That concept is easier said than done. Before we go into the reasons, let us take a brief peep into the sources of stem cells.


1.Adult Stem cells:


Adult Stem Cells are stocked up for the single purpose of keeping a single organ alive. For example, we hear that the inner lining of our intestines is replaced every 4 days. The cells which regenerate this intestinal lining belong to the category of adult stem cells.


2.Embryonic Stem cells:


Embryonic stem cells are the cells of a fertilized embryo. As we know, it is this embryo that undergoes cell division and gets shaped into various organs comprising a body. Therefore this embryo has the potential to get transformed into any living tissue.


Reasons for not being a practical method of treatment yet:


Just like any transplant, transplant of cultured stem cells also has the risk of rejection. It is possible that the immune system of the body may reject the newly replaced organ, which may cause further pain.

Coming to our domain of eye treatment, it is a well-known fact that eyes are very fragile and sensitive. So it is not an organ which can even bear a few injections. Therefore stem cell therapy for treatment of eye problems will have to reach a minimally invasive level to become a thing of practice.

The drugs to prepare for stem cell therapy and to support the process, various drugs will have to be used. Being strong drugs, they will have to be developed further or tweaked to suit the fragile nature of the eyes.

Once the stem cell research reaches such a stage, it will be a golden invention for the medical field. The transplant will no longer be limited by availability. Stem cell research shall open doors unimaginable by anyone. It will make medicine and treatment more available and accessible to match the growing level of diseases and disorders.

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