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March 26, 2018 -


Be it sunglasses or normal power glasses, the right eyewear is sure to bring about a highly impressive look. We have seen people who look funky without glasses and geeky with their glasses on. Sometimes, when a person removes his/her glasses, they might seem like an entirely new person. Of course, the choice of whether the person wants to look the same or different is up to them


Glasses even become a point of identification sometimes; like the girl with copper-framed glasses or the kid with round coolers. So it is time we stop seeing glasses as an instrument for better sight alone. Play with your looks! This post discusses the general tips on selecting eyewear that suits each kind of face. Again, this is general and is bound to have exceptions. It is only fair to warn you that this is a compilation of information and references from different sites. Now let’s get going!


People with Round Face:

People with a round face shape! Choose eyewear that gives your face a defining edge. Something angular. Cat-eye or rectangular frames work well on a round face. Avoid round-shaped eyewear as it makes your face look rounder.


People with Square Shaped Face:

For the square-faced people, you already have a solid frame of a face. Your face frame is well defined and well-cut, so don’t load it with extra solidity by choosing heavy or rectangular eyewear. Choose a frame that compliments your solid shape by providing contrast with its soft shape. Round or other soft shaped eyewear generally go well with square shapes.


People with Oval Shaped Face:

Good news for people with an oval-shaped face! Your face has the right mix of solidity and softness, so any kind of eyewear would suit your face. Get a new look every time you change your glasses!


People with Heart-Shaped Face:

For the heart-shaped faces which have a broad square like forehead and taper to a narrow chin! Frames with a heavy bottom and round frames would be a good fit for such a face shape.

Hope we have provided at least a little insight into the selection of glasses and frames. There are many websites to test the fitting or suitability of different frames for your face. Check them out and find the best fit. Different frames for different faces; but only one place for the best treatment for an eye problem for the people of Chennai – R.K. Eye Centre. R.K. Eye Centre was founded by Dr.Rajinikantha, one of the top 3 ophthalmologists of Chennai. Get the best treatment for your eye problems at RK. Eye Centre.

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