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FAQs on Lasik Surgery

February 7, 2018 -



This post is intended to wipe away all those doubts and inhibitions you may have when considering a LASIK surgery. We have compiled a list of LASIK Frequently Asked Questions and answered them in the most simple and straight way possible. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the post right away!

What does LASIK stand for?

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, using an excimer laser.

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery is designed to reduce or eliminate the use of glasses or contacts. This surgery gently reshapes the cornea with the help of computer-controlled equipment, to correct vision.

Eligibility for LASIK?

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years of age, have healthy eyes and a stable eye prescription for the last twelve months.
  • LASIK is not appropriate for those with certain medical conditions and women who are pregnant or nursing (within the last 3 months).

Is 20/20 vision guaranteed after LASIK surgery?

Perfect vision is not guaranteed, but a vast majority of people who have undergone LASIK surgery are able to drive, play sports without the help of glasses. Say bye bye to your dependence on glasses and welcome a whole new free lifestyle!

Is LASIK safe?

Complications are very rare when it comes to LASIK surgery. Choose a well qualified and experienced LASIK surgeon and you have nothing to worry about! Ask away all the questions in your mind to get a clear picture of the procedure. That way you get comfortable and break down all those inhibitions that have been hampering your way to a life free from spectacles or contacts!

Is the LASIK painful?

The answer is No! Patients actually get surprised at how painless and quick the procedure is! Anesthetic drops will be administered before you go in for the surgery. Therefore the question of pain shall not arise! After the surgery, your eye may feel a bit irritated for a few hours, but most patients are quite comfortable after taking a short nap. You will be prescribed drops for your eyes to provide comfort and healing in the days following your surgery.

How soon after Laser eye surgery can I resume normal activities?

Your doctor may advise you against certain activities like swimming or certain other sports for a few weeks, but other than that you can resume your normal day-to-day activities after 24 hours. Recovery from LASIK is very rapid. Therefore, clear vision is restored within 24-48 hours of the surgery. Further vision improvement shall continue over several months. But that wouldn’t stand in the way of you doing your daily routine.

Can LASIK be performed on eyes at the same time?

Yes. Most patients find it much more convenient to have both eyes treated on the same day.

How long will vision correction last?

In most of the cases, the vision correction is fairly permanent. But age-related problems will occur, regardless of whether or not you had LASIK surgery.

Doubts cleared? We sure hope so. If you have any other doubts or questions about LASIK surgery, please post them in the comments session.

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